Scholarships Available

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There is scholarship money available for attending the 2018 Florida Photography Workshops (anywhere from $100 to $300). The deadline to enter is Feb 28, 2018.

Most of the scholarships are presented at the FPP Annual Convention (FOCUS) and are earned by working on committees at the Workshops, the Convention, and the Seminars.

Here is another opportunity for our Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. (FPP) members – you can simply APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP!

VERY IMPORTANT! In order to be eligible for a scholarship, your FPP dues must be current at the time you submit your application AND when workshops are in session.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!! You are only eligible if you have NOT received a Scholarship to the FPP Florida Photography Workshops in the last two years! Scholarship recipients MUST volunteer for committee work at FPW

Download the PDF scholarship application, fill out the form and email your application directly to the FPP Executive Director at

If selected, you will be notified directly by the Workshops Manager. GOOD LUCK!