Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

M.Photog, Cr., ASP-Fellow, Cameracraftsman, ISofPA, MPIO Master

The Great Home Studio – Building Your Dream

2 Day Course!

Overview- Master Photog and Portrait Artist, Tim Kelly will share his vast experience in operating a successful Portrait Studio – in any space, but particularly in your home.

Your first impression must always be your BEST impression! If you work from your pri-vate residence, more care than ever must be given to the space provided for your client interactions. Many students are building their first business while others are looking to downsize after many years of operation. Every situation is different, but we all have an equal chance to succeed in creating the ideal photography business for us.

On the very first day, Tim will address the difficulties of a home based business and will assist students in planning or correcting their individual set ups. Now, Lighting and posing, design and background selection are very important ingredients to successful images, so they are ALWAYS discussed. Kelly portraits are well know for their smooth tonalities, detail and a control that always brings the viewer right to the key subject. Whether producing black & white or color, you will learn how to maneuver lighting, pose and composition to bring more interest to the image and flatter your subjects without excessive digital art. This is always a center of focus for a Kelly class.

Additionally, Tim discloses his marketing strategies, sales principles and the operating policies that assure getting the right kind of clientele. We look at a variety of advertis-ing vehicles, promotion strategies, pricing, special events, auctions, and all the new challenges of getting clients to choose a TRUE professional.

On Day Two, the lighting and posing training gets real. Tim illustrates and demon-strates his industry changing portrait lighting – and will make sure you understand it. While many have adopted a similar look, when developed in 1988, it was considered radical and was often mocked. However, it has since produced hundreds of top awards and many millions in sales for Kelly and has been adopted by many thousands of fine photographers. Even though it is often emulated, though, unless learned directly from Tim, there are many nuances that will be missed. Posing and Lighting principles will be made clear with the use of models and reviews of the digital images created. We will work with various models and subject all through the day, and there will be some hands-on instruction.

This is a rare opportunity to work intimately with the master artist, and Mr. Kelly has helped and guide many of todays top image makers to their finest work for decades.


Tim Kelly started his career as a darkroom tech at thirteen years old, and was doing full weddings for a major studio at seventeen. Tim opened his own studio in Florida in 1974 and reached national stature in the nineteen-eighties as a master printer; for his revolutionary lighting style, and for his large format, black and white children’s portraiture. His effect on the photographic portrait industry remains powerful, and Tim received the Helen K. Yancy Award from PPA in 2015 for his influence on the industry.
Tim has always been an innovator, one of the first to introduce instant image viewing, pre-digital, an early adopter of film-less technology, and built his own large, in-house digital photolab, and yet, one of the few that can still offer complete expertise in film portraiture.
An author of multiple books, seventeen DVD’s, featured multiple times in PPA Magazine and other industry publications, Tim has been featured on Photovision, nearly every affiliate school multiple times and on every main stage in photography, including 2012, 2015 and 2017 at Imaging USA.
Tim’s photographic portrait business has been and is – a model for many, and he continues to refresh his look, products, branding and web presence to appeal to the new tastes of each new generation. Very few of the photography’s leaders remain relevant decade after decade.

American Society of Photographers, IPC Jurors, PPSCF (central Florida), FPP, Cameracraftsmen of America, International Society of Portrait Artists, Kodak Mentor Group. Master Photographer International

Kelly has held board positions, advisory positions in local, state, regional associations. Served on PPA’s first Digital Committee, and volunteered and supported other projects and PPA Charity events. Always responded in the affirmative to IPC, PPA Magazine and every project asked to do.