Thomas Dodd

Thomas Dodd

In this intensive 2 day workshop, you will learn how to shoot, light and edit photographs that look like classic paintings from many periods in Art history. From Caravaggio to the Dutch Masters to the Romantics of the 19th centuries up unto the modern Surrealist movements, internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Thomas Dodd will guide you through the entire process of creating artistic photographs that look “Painterly” from concept to completion.

You will learn in this workshop:

  • How to formulate concepts with ideas
  • How important pre-shoot planning is to the creative process
  • Using intuitive methods during the shoot
  • How to elicit performances from models that echo the paintings of the Romantic era, Lighting techniques that imitate the Old Masters of painting, and then a heavy focus on layer-based Photoshop methods including texturing and post-processing methods

Thomas Dodd is an artist who is renowned for his Painterly style of photography He has had major exhibitions of his work all over the world and his photos are regularly featured on book covers and published in magazines and in art books.

He currently teaches workshops all over the world and is also involved with PPA – the largest photography organization in the world.