Francie Baltazar Stonestreet

Francie Baltazar Stonestreet

M.Photog, Cr., CPP

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The Portable Studio – One Light Techniques that WOW

Simplify your life and create a portable studio so you can shoot anywhere in any conditions. You will always have the right light no matter the light you find on your location. During your class you will learn how to use speedlights to create dynamic and beautiful light.

Once you know how to light then you want to create emotion and dynamic poses. Posing your clients to make them look their very best. The more emotional a portrait the more it stirs our senses. What distinguishes a nice image from an impactful image which tells a story is emotion. When an image has evokes emotion it captures us and creates a feeling within in us. Images which tell stories sell. In today’s digital age many can take a pretty picture, but it takes skill and experience to create an image with emotional impact. We will explore what emotion is and how is conveyed in an image, how to ask questions to evoke emotion, four steps to creating emotional images, when to step back and observe, why timing is critical in capturing the emotional images and how post production can enhance the emotion.

Making our clients look their very best is our job as photographers. Lighting and posing are critical to making your clients look great. When your clients look great you sell more images.


  • How to use flash in any lighting conditions to get the look you want
  • When to use manual flash and when to use TTL
  • What are great “go-to” poses for individuals, couples and families
  • Why shooting wide open may not be the best choice
  • How to understand the art of observation
  • Why having a personal mission statement translates into your image making
  • Understanding how your voice can change a mood or help create the emotion
  • Why anticipation is the key to capturing emotional images
  • Why your vision pre-photograph is important to creating post capture success

Come ready to have fun! Bring your gear because we are going to be lighting, posing and shooting so you can create an amazing images.

About the Instructor

Francie Baltazar Stonestreet M. Photog, Cr, CPP

After a successful career as a corporate consultant, trainer and author, Francie purchased a professional digital camera and returned to her original passion for photography. Since 2004 photography has been her vocation. She is a photographic artist who has the honor of photographing Weddings, Bridal Portraits, Engagement as well as High School Seniors and Family Portraits.

Francie is a multi-awarding winning photographer who has been honored with such distinguished awards as Diamond Photographer of the Year, Photographic World Cup Team USA, Kodak Elite Award, Kodak Award, Grand Imaging Award Nominee 2017/2018. Southwest Grand Imaging Award for Best Wedding Album and Second Place Wedding album. Best Wedding Portrait in Texas, Best Portrait of a Bride, Best Portrait of a Child In Texas, Presidents Award for High Print Case Score in Texas, Four for Four in Texas (4x), International Photographic Print Competition Platinum Photographer of the year 2016, and Silver Photographer of the Year 2015 and Loan and Merit Prints for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Houston Photographer of the Year (2012/2015), Best Portrait in Houston, Best Wedding Photograph In Houston, Best Illustrative Photograph in Houston, WPPI Silver image Awards and WPPI Associate Photographer. In addition, Francie has earned her Master Photographer & Photographic Craftsman Degree and Certified Professional Photographer designation from Professional Photographers of America and is also WPPI Certified.

Francie’s weddings have been published in Weddings In Houston Magazine and Blog, Houston Luxury Magazine, Houston Brides, The Houston Chronicle, Fort Bend News. Francie has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine. Francie is also a published Author and her short stories have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and worldwide over the internet blogs. Francie’s Bridal Portrait Was featured on the Cover of PPA Magazine in September 2017 and a Bridal Image will be featured inside PPA Magazine in January 2018.

Francie can be contacted at