Erich Caparas

Erich Caparas

Concept to Canvas

A 4-day intensive workshop in photography taking the participants from concept, to execution, to mastering and getting their masterpieces ready for printing.

Day 1
Hands on education including photographing model(s).
Lighting – hands on demonstrations, including how to modify the lights for mood and drama. We will also be discussing the angles, intensity, and distance of proper lighting.

Composition – we will learn the science of composition and how to pose models. We will go over the use of proper lens focal length and angle of shooting. We will learn effective, creative, and award-winning compositions. Students will need their own camera and a lens between 50-105mm.

Days 2 & 3
Hands on post processing. We will work on the images students created on Day 1. Learn master level editing using only a few simple tools in Photoshop – no need for additional plugins or programs. We will discuss layers and masks in depth and how to create high key and low-key exercises in minutes.

Erich will teach his high-end beauty skin and hair retouching using his award-winning processes. We will also go over background replacement and compositing techniques, faux bokeh technique, advanced masking techniques, and more tips and exercises to take your images from basic edit to competition ready. Students will need a laptop with Photoshop installed.

Day 4
We will continue to process images, applying the new techniques we learned to embed them into muscle memory. Erich will recap instruction and work with students to insure understanding of all his processes.

Erich Caparas was born in the Philippines but grew up in Northern Virginia /Washington DC area. He has a degree in Economics and Engineering. Professionally, he worked as a graphics designer/photographer in Washington DC and New York. Having started photography in 1977 way before digital, back in the film days. He did all his film processing and darkroom work.

Erich is quick to admit being lucky to be on the forefront of the digital age. He beta tested Photoshop and consulted with them when they introduced layers in 1993-94. Being on the cutting edge of technology gave him an opportunity to work with some of the best clients in the industry. Notable ones: National Geographic, Mobil, Smithsonian Institution, Discovery Channel, Victoria Secret, Ringling Brothers / Barnum and Bailey, Siegfried and Roy, and the White House.

Erich has kept his techniques and skills up to date and shares his 41 years of experience in photography on workshops. He says: “I travel around the world teaching both amateur and professional photographers take their photography to the next level.”

Recent Credentials:

Awarded the coveted Becker Memorial Award for Creative Photography, 2017

Highest Gold Award – Photographer of the Year 2017 from The Societies of Photographers (SWPP, UK)

Diamond Photographer of the Year from Professional Photographers of America (PPC) and International Photography Contest (IPC) 2017

Selected by Team USA for World Photographic Cup, 2017

Master Photographers International (MPI) Competition, 2017:

TOP Photographer of the Year (Overall)

Commercial Photographer of the Year

Digital Illustration Photographer of the Year

Took 7 trophies at the Prestigious WPPI Print Competition in Las Vegas including